Is There An ROI On Branding?

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There was a time when the intellectual capital of an organization was the most important asset to measure a successful company. Things have shifted. It’s now the relationship capital that has become the critical component that will have a consumer want to do business with you.

Real lasting friendships take emotional investments

  • You get out of them what you put into them
  • You can’t buy them or force them or make them into something they’re not


Generating trust in consumers and then making a sale is not theoretical. The word of mouth recommendation from friends and family continue to be the most influential.

A brand is your promise, supported by distinct experiences that provide an emotional and compelling reward.

Yet many companies do not give branding enough focus and attention to have it actually reach its full potential. The problem lives in a broken system where most decisions are made. Managers and leaders need to be rewarded for being patient and playing the long term game, not for achieving short term goals and not because of the successes obtained from last quarter.

We’re doing fine without it.

You’re not doing fine without it. If you’re focusing on just the numbers to predict the health of your company, you’re only responding to shifts and events that have already happened.

Brands need to engage in real time.

A Competitive Company is Always on the Offence

They are in the conversation, gaining clarity and strengthening their reputation and relationships with their consumers.

They are focusing on strengthening culture. One that absorbs their vision and values and has it be part of the DNA of the company.

They’re ahead of the game and stay in front of innovation and what’s new.

We are in a new era where the value of quality supersedes quantity. People want to have close relationships with their brands and the right time to build and nurture those relationships is right now.

If your consumers are getting distracted or losing interest the conversation changes. If you’re not building the relationships that have your consumers become advocates of your brand you’re losing the game.

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